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The Super Snail Story

Super snail, better known as Toby to his friends, was born in a mud patch under an oleander bush, in an undeveloped, deserted field, outside a secret military base somewhere in New Mexico. One bright sunny morning, dew dripping from blades of grass and succulent flowers in full bloom, Toby, a young curious tot, ventured out on his own to sample spring's pleasures. After a morning full of exploration and flowers a-plenty, Toby a bit tired, and with the sun's rays hotter than usual, sought shelter in a cool old metal can, where he fell sound asleep.


Unbeknownst to him, a caravan of military trucks carrying barrels of an unknown substance were slowly moving toward the field he called home. Awakened and scared by the rumble of the caravan, the trucks tires crushing the grassy forest, Toby decided to make a dash for home. Due to a snails lack of speed, the thunderous rumble caused the metal lid of the can to come crashing down before Toby could get out, trapping him inside.


Suddenly all became still. Silence filled the air. Just as Toby thought the ordeal was over, loud voices echoed around him. Remaining motionless, he waited. The military personnel tossed these barrels from the trucks all around him. With ground jolting thuds, Toby was tossed around, his metal can rolling down a hill into a puddle. There Toby remained, battered and bruised but alive.


What Toby didn't know was that those barrels were filled with toxic waste. Outside his metal prison, hundreds of barrels lie across what used to be his beautiful flower filled field of rolling grass he called home.


Within days, the toxins poisoned the water supply, killed the flowers, and a dead brown patch of grass surrounded wherever a barrel lay. His friends and family never had a chance. He was alone in the world. He too should have been killed, but for some freak chance of fate, that metal can provided enough protection from the toxic fumes to give him a chance to survive. But something else happened that fateful day. Not only did the metal can protect him, for some unexplainable reason, the combination of the metal can and the toxic waste gave him super powers.


As he attempted to escape, when he pushed, the lid of the can flew open, snapping, and landed 50 feet away, embedded in a log. Toby could hardly believe his eyes. 'What happened to me?", he asked himself. Saddened to see what has become of his home, he inched his way along to leave his past behind.


As he finally reached the edge of his field, he saw a whole new world; a world of hard surfaces, and what appeared to be large mountains, but without the color and beauty that once surrounded him. As he edged out onto this hard surface for the first time, he quickly encountered more danger. One of those humans, albeit a smaller version, was quickly approaching him on some sort of weird looking board with wheels. Toby in his efforts to get out of the way, suddenly found himself out distancing this boy and his funny device. Toby was moving quicker than he ever thought possible.


This caught the boys attention. Stunned, he couldn't believe his eyes. Toby so overwhelmed with his new found abilities, did not see the boy approaching. The boy leaned over and picked up Toby, and carried him home. Toby unaware of all his new found potential, did not realize he could get away if he wanted to. The boy took Toby to his room and put him in a glass jar. The boy stared at Toby, his eyes looking gigantic through the effect of the glass. The boy cocked his head and introduced himself to Toby.


"Hi, I'm George. You're a pretty amazing snail. Sort of a super snail." Toby liked how that sounded. That's how Toby got to be known as Super Snail. Toby propped himself up on his tail and pushed. He propelled himself up and out and onto the rim of the jar. He and George formed a bond. They became fast friends, and went and did everything together.

Of course, the other kids thought George was a goof and made fun of him. This didn't last long as Toby would get upset, become Super Snail, and set things straight.


Toby and George realized they could do much more important things. They agreed to use Toby's power to avenge the bad things done to our planet by human greed and negligence. So, George created a little cape to distinguish the mighty Super Snail from his alter ego, Toby.


And to this day, Super Snail and his skateboard riding sidekick George fight for all the threatened and endangered species around the world.


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