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~ Salmon and Trout Be Dammed ~

(Adventure Two)

Toby (aka Super Snail) and George were on vacation out West, up in the Northern woods of Southern Washington, kicking back by the Eastern fork of the Snake River. It was the wee hours of the morning, and Toby was enjoying his breakfast of dew ladden Monkeypod flowers in the shade of a old, large Redwood tree. George meanwhile was busily working on the power thrusters of his supercharged solar powered skateboard.The Snake river, named for its numerous curves resembling that of a snake, no duh, was cascading over the rocks on its seemingly endless jouney.


Odd though, Toby noticed that the water level was lower than in previous years. Odd though even more, Toby noticed a lack of Sockeye Salmon and Cutthroat Trout swimming up stream. "This seems strange," Toby thought to himself.


"George!," he shouted, "Doesn't this seem strange to you?"


"Yes," George exhasperatedly replied. "I cannot figure out why the power cell of the turbo thruster won't charge."


"Not your skateboard dufous, the Snake River," Toby replied in amazement.


"Oh! What was that again? George uttered.


"Never mind, just follow me," Toby gasped, shaking his head.


Toby inched his way onto an log floating on the river's edge. George hopped aboard and put his skateboard into the water like an outboard motor of a boat. "Got that thing working now," Toby asked in a sarcastic tone.


"Of course," George replied. " Would you expect anything less!"


So with the supercharged solar powered skateboard behind them, Toby and George went up the river. A while passed and appearing before, towering above the river was a mountain of cement. "What is that?" asked Toby.


"A dam," replied George.


"Well how do you get around that thing?" asked Toby.


"That's the same problem the fish are having," George explained.


Looking down into the water, Toby noticed a school of Sockeye Salmon treading water with no place to go. One salmon poked its little head out of the water and stared at Toby. "Help us," the salmon gurgled. Toby, who understands fluent fish, decided to take matters into his own hand.


"It's time for Super Snail!" Toby bellowed. So he ducked back into his shell and seconds later emerged as Super Snail. Super Snail took to the air and flew to the top of the dam. Off in the distance Super Snail saw another mountain of cement. He couldn't believe his eyes. Off he flew. As he landed on the top of that one, another cement mountain appeared. "My gosh," gasped Super Snail, "3 of these dam things. No wonder these poor fish can't get up stream. If they can't get home, there won't be lots of little fishies next year. We must take action, right George?....George?" Super Snail looking around. "Oops, I forgot to bring George."


"Thanks Super Snail," George said as he floated down from above. "So nice to be missed! If it weren't for my instant balloon mechanism I installed in my board last week, you would have had to do this all by yourself." As Super Snail thought how nice that may have been, it was time to get to work.


"George, I'm going to have to punch a hole through these dams. Once I get the water flowing, the fish should be able to continue on their journey."


"Do you think you can do that," asked George.


"Of course I can, I'm Super Snail" responded Super Snail. "At least I think I can," he thought to himself. "You see I'm just going to get really really far back and get alot of speed and burst right through the wall. Would you believe it, right through the wall? Would you believe part way through the wall? How about splat." George just stood there nodding. On that vote of confidence, Super Snail took to the air. Higher and higher he went until he was only a speck.

"Not that a snail is much bigger than a speck anywho." said the narrator.


Suddenly with blinding light speed, leaving a slime trail behind, Super Snail came zooming towards the dam, arms outstretched in front of him. With a crash, bang, smash, cement and dust went flying. As the dust settled, Super Snail was staring back through the gigantic hole he made. The water started rushing through, and the fish started swimming up stream. "One down, two to go," Super Snail said excitedly.


"Ahem," said George casually as he was dangling by his skateboard from the top of what was left of the dam.

Super Snail looked up, "Sorry 'bout that George!"


Jumping ahead, George and Super Snail were now on the top of the second dam. "Ready," Super Snail asked.

"Ready," George replied. Super Snail took off high into the sky and before you could blink your eyes 232 times, Super Snail crashed through dam number two, leaving only a pile of cement. The happy little Cutthroat Trout were merrily on their way.


"Finally we arrive to dam number three," wearily said the narrator. With Super Snail and George once again standing atop the dam, they noticed that this one might be a tad more difficult. Not only was it the largest and thickest dam, but they were being greeted by a mob of not so happy men from the Army Corp of Engineers. You see the Army Corp of Engineers is a government run organization which engages in projects usually without regards for their environmental effects. Super Snail and George needed to plan a strategy and fast. With the "Jeopardy" theme mysteriously playing overhead, Super Snail came up with a brilliant plan.


"George, while I take down the dam, you distract the angry mob," said Super Snail with delite of his ingeneous plan.

"So that's your brilliant plan huh," George smacking his lips. "Hey! Is there any chance that I can become the sidekick for another Super Hero? No, I didn't think so." So with that, Super Snail took high to the sky, and George zipped down on his mighty super charged solar powered skateboard to greet the angry mob. As the mob of engineers started to rush George, he calmly put his skateboard in the water. He pushed the super charger button and within seconds, a wall of water was starting to form in the river. As the momentum built, a tidal wave...


"Who ever heard of a tidal wave in a river?" the narrator said sarcastically.


...crashed over the angry mob sending them down river. Seconds later, Super Snail came crashing through the wall, rendering the final dam to a heap of rubble. With only a bent antennae, Super Snail came through with flying colors.

"The fish are free and once again good and niceness triumph over evil and rottenness," Super Snail said with conviction. You know I feel sort of dehydrated. George, do you mind getting my some succulents," Super Snail said smuggly.


"All this water flowing around and he wants succulents. These Super Heros, one good deed and right to their head," George mumbles as he heads off into the woods.


And so closes another Adventure of Super Snail. Oh, and if you were wondering about those men from the Army Corp of Engineers, they washed up safely at the mouth of the river as it entered the Pacific Ocean.


Super Snail's Next Adventure ~ "Endangered Mermaids"



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