Kritter Kountry


Kritter Kountry Refuge


Help build our safe haven and give a life home to many deserving animals.




~ Enclosure/Habitat Permanently Dedicated & Named after Business/Donor with a Large Mounted Engraved Plaque

~ Print & Broadcast Media Outreach

~ Permanent Listing as a Refuge Sponsor on the Whisker Kisses Koalition Website

~ Personal Quote or Company Banner Link

~ Special Commemorative Gift



Animal Treatment Center & Equipment




Builds & Equips an on-site animal treatment center providing on-going care for all refuge animals. Will provide emergency care & treatment for injured local wildlife. It will also serve as an Emergency Animal Center for all surrounding communities so Pet Owners, Farm Owners and Vacationers have access to Pet Emergency Care. Treatment Center will include a treatment room, laboratory, surgery, radiology, isolation ward, and pet & large animal exam rooms.


Cat Habitat


Cat Habitat

Cat Habitat



A large, enclosed, free-roaming outdoor habitat for rescued cats. Provides a safe and natural environment to promote normal activity & behavioral stimulation.





Cat Habitat II



Builds a second large, enclosed, free-roaming outdoor habitat for rescued cats.








Builds an Bird Cabin & Aviary for Exotic Birds.

Aviary Exotic House


Reptile House



Special House and Enclosures for Reptiles.




Ferret House




A Permanent Free-Roam Ferret House.




Farm Animal Enclosure


Farm Animal Enclosures


$25,000 Each

Enclosures for Rescued Large & Small Farm Animals.



Rainbow Bridge Memorial Pond & Pet Walk



Builds the Rainbow Bridge pet memorial garden with scatter pond and pet walk for all the beloved animals that have passed through our door and enriched our lives. Will also serve as a place of remembrance for the beloved pets of the local communities.






Educational Amphitheatre




Builds an Educational Ampitheatre providing shows and special events for local communities.



Art & Gift Store




Builds an Art & Gift Store presenting Local and National Artists and offering special Whisker Kisses & Kritter Kountry Refuge Gifts.





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