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Kritter Kountry Refuge


Every day animals with ongoing medical, physical or behavioral conditions, are abandoned and turned away. These animals have love to give and can lead happy long lives with the proper care.


The Whisker Kisses Koalition and Kritter Kountry Refuge provides a safe haven where these animals can roam, play and sleep in complete safety, indoors and out, with all behavioral needs and on-going medical care provided.


The Cat Habitat:

A 650 SF and a 700 SF enclosed outdoor habitat where cats can play, sleep and behave like cats. All the cats a WKK roam cage free.


The Cat Room:

Connecting the two Cat Habitats is a 400 SF cat room dedicated to the cats with comfy beds and climbing areas. Serves also as the treatment room. Even a human bed for quality time and overnight monitoring.


Exotic Cabin:

A 500 SF Cabin with an Enclosed Porch that is specially designed to house exotic pets such as Birds, Reptiles and Ferrets.


Barn & Coop:

A 50 SF Barn and 80 SF Deluxe Chicken Condo for small farm animals and fowl.



Whisker Kisses also cares for and provides a safe haven for Wildlife from Hunters.


Because Whisker Kisses provides a life home, strict guidelines must be adhered to in regards numbers, species and reasons for rescue, to prevent overcrowding, maintain health and to ensure the proper care.



Rainbow Bridge


Animals give us their unconditional love and companionship. They bring us joy and happiness. In return we give them a life of love and security. For the many animals that cross our path and grace our lives, the Rainbow Bridge will connect the main part of the refuge to a final resting place and include a Scatter Pond and Garden and Pet Honor Walk.




Cat Habitat



Cat Habitat





Cat Habitat




Barn Area









Exotic Cabin



Exotic Cabin



Exotic Cabin


White Tailed Deer


White Tailed Deer
Wild Turkeys