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Cats Crusade


Charity & Kittens


Every day "Special Needs" cats and kittens are abandoned and turned away. These special cats have love to give and can lead happy long lives with the proper care.


The Whisker Kisses Koalition and Kritter Kountry Refuge will provide a safe haven where these cats can roam, play and sleep in complete safety, indoors and out. All behavioral needs and on-going medical care will be provided.


Cats Crusade will be centered around the Cat Habitat, and indoor arena that will mimic an outdoor environment. All rescue cats will have access to the Cat Habitat. All resuce cats will be housed in special free roam feline housing, Cat Cabins, where the cats can play, sleep and behave like cats. All incoming felines will be temporarily housed in the animal treatment center until medically treated and cleared. They will then be assessed and slowly introduced in with the appropriate feline residents. The large enclosed outdoor Cat Habitat will allow rescued cats to play, interact, climb and roam in complete safety. This concept will allow for on-going expansion as needed.



Ferret Frolic




Ferrets are legal pets is 48 states, with the exception of California and Hawaii. Per capita, there are more ferret owners in California than in the rest of states combined. Unfortunately many ferrets are confiscated or ferret owners abandon there furry friends for fear of being caught. Ferrets are also genetically prone to many medical anomalies including adrenal gland diseases. Sadly, many loving ferrets are euthanized or end up in the "Ferret Underground," hoping to find a new home. Whisker Kisses will establish a Ferret Rescue for confiscated, unwanted, or special needs ferrets, where they can frolic and play in a safe and life long environment providing all needed behavioral and veterinary care. Ferret adoption will be pursued working with other ferret organizations. Ferrets will be housed in special free roam Ferret Houses. All incoming ferrets will be temporarily housed in the animal treatment center until medically cleared. They will then be introduced in with the other ferret residents.



Exotic Escapades


scarlet macaw


Exotic animals don't make good pets, and sadly this is often realized far too late. Many exotic pets are abused and/or have medical concerns that pet owners and shelters don't have the ability or capacity to deal with. Exotic Escapades will provide a safe haven and life home for exotic pets consisting of Exotic Housing and Aviary with Special Enclousures designed and focused on the behavioral requirements and needs of each species. Each animal will receive all nutritional and veterinary needs. Whisker Kisses will work with like minded organizations to try to provide loving homes when possible.



Rainbow Bridge


Animals give us their unconditional love and companionship. They bring us joy and happiness. In return we give them a life of love and security. For the many animals that cross our path and grace our lives, the Rainbow Bridge will connect the main part of the refuge to a final resting place and include a Pet Cemetery, Scatter Pond and Garden, Pet Walk and Honor Walk. Not only will the Rainbow Bridge serve those animals of the Refuge, but will serve as a place of remembrance for the beloved pets of the local communities.



Educational Ampitheatre


Whisker Kisses will engage in Educational Outreach Programs providing a venue for educational shows and special events for kids and adults alike as well as the Pet Mentor program providing love and companionship to special needs children and the elderly.



Caring people from all walks of life can have an active role and a unique opportunity to help special needs and at-risk animals while contributing to a more humane and educated community.





Business Plan

Business Plan

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Refuge Design


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Proposed Refuge Design and Sample Enclosures