Super SnailGeorge

~ Super Snail Battles Oilman~

(Adventure One)

It was a beautiful clear summer day. Toby was hanging out by George's pool sipping dandelion tea "It has been very quiet lately," Toby thought to himself, his shades shielding the sun from his eyes. Yet despite the calm, Toby had an eerie feeling inside. He just knew something was amiss.


George, besides being an expert skateboarder, is a wiz with the computer. While Toby was relaxing by the pool, George was busily working away hacking into computer data banks. George could find out the on-goings of major corporations and governments way before it would ever reach the media.


Suddenly, George discovered that Oilman, a notorious oil tycoon, had recently escaped from prison. Oilman, had multi-billion dollar dealings with the underworlds around the globe. His goal was to gain a monopoly of all the oil around the world and hold it as ransom to the highest bidders. If the governments around the world did not heed his word, he would discharge billions of gallons of oil into our oceans, destroying all it touched.


Ten years ago Oilman had just about dominated all the world's oil. Governments around the world, including our own, were not taking action against the villian by developing new cleaner energy sources. They were being bought by his money and cowering to his political pressure. Something had to be done. While relaxing in his multi-million dollar office, calculating his next move, unbeknowst to him an environmental group sabotaged his largest refinery. Suddenly there was a gigantic explosion! One of the largest oil tankers exploded sending scorching hot oil flying through the air. Jumping out of his seat, Oilman ran to the large plate glass window of his office, which overlooked his plant, to see what had happened. As he looked out the window, he saw masses of oil heading right for him. He had no time to react. The oil smashed through his window, spraying sharp shattered pieces of glass and scorching oil onto his face and body.


Weeks later, Oilman regained consciousness in an intensive care unit in a prison hospital. His face, chest and right arm and hand covered in bandages. His refineries were shut down and he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. When his bandages were finally removed, he learned that he was permanently disfigured by the oil. His face was partially scortched black. His eyebrows and most of his hair gone.His right eye basically melted shut. His neck and chest were left with 3rd degree burns and he had limited use of his torched right arm and hand.


As he sat in prison, he vowed to get revenge. He spent 10 years plotting his vengeance. To his amazement, despite his actions that put him in prison, governments were still using oil for energy and putting little effort towards new sources. "These leaders of the world are stupider than even I gave them credit for," Oilman thought to himself. "These so called leaders are setting me up perfectly. They have no idea that I still have billions of gallons of oil hidden away. These governments will pay for their defiance.Those radicals will pay for what they did to me." But what Oilman didn't know, was that about 2 years ago, Super Snail came to be.


George, jumped to his feet, grabbed his skateboard and jumped out his window, completed a 360 and flip in mid air, and landed smack into the middle of the pool. Popping his head out of the water, he noticed he drenched Toby. "Sorry about that Toby, but Oilman has escaped. We must stop him before he does something to our ocean friends. It's time for Super Snail!!"


Toby nodded. He popped back into his shell and seconds later emerged as Super Snail. His cape waving in the wind, he flexed his muscles, and took off into the air. As he flew over the pool, George grabbed on to Super Snail's cape with one hand and grabbed his skateboard with the other. Together they flew high into the sky in search for Oilman.


" I think its time for me to use my Super Antennae and see if I can pick up any frequencies from Oilman," said Super Snail to George. A bolt of energy formed between Super Snail's antennae. Within seconds, SuperSnail had pinpointed Oilman's location. "Oilman is in Alaska," Super Snail yelled passionately. "Alaska is still recovering from that major Exxon Valdez disaster. If he dumps billions of gallons of oil into Puget Sound, Glacier Bay, Prudoe Bay, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or any other areas, Alaska and all our critter friends will be lost forever! There is no time to waste." Super Snail put himself into overdrive, with George windboarding behind.


"Yeehaw!! Faster, Faster," George cried out, enjoying the ride.


As Super Snail scoured Alaska in search for his foe, Oilman, was putting the final touches on his evil plan."Put the oil into depth charges," ordered Oilman. "When we detonate the charges, oil will be blasted all over the waters of Alaska. It will be so wide spread, nothing they can do will contain it. Not one living creature will survive. The land will be lost forever. Once and for all the governments of the world will have to listen to me or they will suffer the same fate," Oilman decreed, ending with a spine-tingling evil laugh, "Ha ha ha ha ha."


Suddenly up in the sky, Super Snail appeared over the horizon. "There he is," cried George. Super Snail flew closer to a large iceberg where George jumped, "Bonzai........." George landed safely, skateboarding down the iceberg on his way to help Super Snail intercept and capture Oilman.


One of Oilman's henchman spotted Super Snail as he flew over their ship. "What is that?" as the henchman pointed to the sky.


"That's the second smallest gull I've ever seen," said a second henchman.


"That's not a gull, " said the first henchman, "that's a banana."


"Who ever heard of banana with a cape," responded the second henchman.


"Shut up both of you," Oilman said furiously. "It's a flying slug. Pay no attention to it. It will die with the rest of the creatures.


"I'm not bird, a banana, nor even slug, I'm Super Snail!!", said Super Snail as he circled high above the ship."I will put an end to your evil ways Oilman. Surrender now before its too late."


The two henchman looked at each other inquisitively. Oilman befuddled by this little creature ordered his henchman to shoot him down. "Shoot down this Super Pest with our oil guns so we can get back to destroying mother nature!" The henchman shot blasts of oil into the air at Super Snail. Super Snail dodged them with ease frustrating Oilman. "Who is this Super Snail? Get him! Get him!" The two henchman sped up their attack, but Super Snail avoided their attacks with lightening quick moves. Meanwhile back on the ice, George was rocketing around on his supercharged skateboard sucking up the oil before it hit the ice, using his supercharged mini vacuum.


Oh, by the way, aside from being an expert skateboarder and computer wiz, George is a kid genius, and creates all sorts of gadgets to help Super Snail on his adventures. Now back to the story...


"Forget that slimly little slug. Drop the depth charges now," ordered Oilman. With a press of a button, multitudes of depth charges plummeted into the ocean from the ships hull. "I've won," yelled Oilman. " In seconds they will explode and the world will have felt my wrath."


"What do we do Super Snail?" as George screetched to a halt.


Resonding quickly, Super Snail dove into the murky depths as a hush fell upon the land of ice and snow. Everyone remained motionless wondering what was to happen. Would Super Snail be blown to bits when the charges exploded? Would Super Snail save the day? Can Super Snail even swim?


Suddenly blasting out the water, Super Snail rose high into the air carrying a pyramid of depth charges. Oilman frustrated ordered his henchman to drop more depth charges, but before they could push the button, Super Snail flying high above the ship, opened his mouth and propelled a large amount of ooze onto the ship covering Oilman and his henchman. "I've been slimed," cried Oilman.


Super Snail landed on the ship carefully setting down the depth charges. George met Super Snail on the ship. "Good job Super Snail. Yuk! I didn't know you could do that," squirmmed George.


"Neither did I," said Super Snail astonished at his abilities. "It just sorta happened." You see Super Snail being a new Super Hero is still discovering his new found abilities. The ooze hardened around Oilman and his henchman encasing them in slimy jail cell. As the authorities began to arrive, Super Snail and George headed home too await their next adventure, hoping that we would learn not to rely on dirty and dangerous energy sources and focus on new cleaner technologies.


Super Snail's Next Adventure ~ "Salmon and Trout Be Dammed"



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