Super SnailGeorge

~Endangered Mermaids~

(Adventure Three)

Toby and George were on retreat at Disney World, enjoying that magical world that only Florida has to offer, well other than that state on the west coast that has Disney Land. Anyway, while moving swiftly through the line of Space Mountain inching ever so closer to the ride, George, snoring on Toby's shoulder, was suddenly awakened by his ultrasonic, stereophonic, high-frequency, microsized transmitter, more commonly know as a pager. Wiping the drool away from his mouth, George accessed the alpha numeric alert system, in other words, he pushed the button to read the message.




Toby, reading over George's shoulder, exclaimed, "Looks like a job for Super Snail!"


Can't it wait for just a few more minutes? We're so close to Space Mount..., George remarked as Toby grabbed his arm and whisped him away.


Darting ever so slowly, as snails do, Toby ducked behind a sno-cone vendor and emerged as Super Snail. Leaping high into the sky, with George intow gripping Super Snail's cape with one hand and munching a sno-cone with the other, the duo was off to help the Manatee's.


Flying high over the Everglades they approached the Florida waterways which the Manatees call home. These harmless seagrass eaters, mistakenly taken for mermaids by the seaworn seamen of yesteryear, are being killed by careless boaters, whose propellers fatally injure these innocent creatures.


Super Snail with his super sharp eyesight focuses on a man known as the Boatman. The Boatman is a large, heavyset man. His belly hanging out of his ratty shirt. His boots laced with mud cover the pantlegs of his starched looking overalls. His face is seaworn, with a long scar on his right cheek; an injury suffered by a boating accident which permanently melted a protion of a snorkle to his mouth, mostly covered by a long handle bar mustache. Dropping George off on the nearest dock, Super Snail circled above listening in with his super sharp hearing.


"Faster, Faster," bellowed the Boatman, as he lobbied boaters to increase their speed. "I want to see speed records broken. These ugly oversized seaslugs cannot keep us from our right to use these waters as we see fit. We pay our taxes. The water belongs to us, not them."


"Oversized Sea What!" cried Super Snail. The term Sea Slug hitting a bit too close to the heart. "Why that miserable %#$^#%," exclaimed Super Snail. "Why the next thing this guy's gonna do is try to influence the law with his money."

George from the docks below summoned Super Snail. "George calling Super Snail...Come in Super Snail...Hellooooo Super Snail," is heard by Super Snail's sonic hearing.


Super Snail soared down to George making a perfect landing. "Watch out below," cried Super Snail....BOOM...ERRRR...CRASH!!! Would you believe almost a perfect landing? Barrels and buckets flying everywhere. Super Snail dusted himself off as if nothing was out of the ordinary.


"You'll never guess what I just heard over my super deluxe, long range, high intensity, souped up skateboard transmitter," said George excited over his new invention.


"What," asks Super Snail.


"Guess," responds George. "Guess, you'll never guess." "Guess!"


Super Snail, wiping the sweat away from his forehead with his super antennae, "I'm beginning to get one of those headaches again."


"That's funny. You seem to be getting alot of headaches lately," George says puzzled.


"Only when I'm around you George," said Super Snail frustrated. "Just tell me what you heard."


"Well, it seems, that the Boatman is illegally collecting funds from all the boaters stating that the money would be used to improve the docks, when actually he's using the money to bribe certain politicos into lessening the protective measures for the Manatees," George explained.


"I am getting just a little peeved at that Boatman," Super Snail snarled as smoke started billowing from his antennae.

"That's new," George uttered cautiously as he backed a few steps away.


"George, follow up on the politicos involved," instructed SuperSnail, "while I take care of the Boatman, once and for all."


George zipped away on his super ultrasonic skateboard, while Super Snail dove into the Florida waters. Using his new found power of super sonar, Super Snail summoned all the nearby Manatees for a strategy pow wow.


"What's up Super Snail," inquired a Manatee, while chewing on seagrass like a cow chewing its cud.


"Now listen carefully. The boatman is doing whatever he can to threaten your lives, but I have a plan to silence him. Here's the plan...I will draw the attention of the Boatman. When I do, all of you rise to the surface and create a mass of waves using your perfectly rounded tails. He will be swept into the sea. I will then use your beloved seagrass and forever tie him to the ocean floor, where he will suffer watching you live out your wonderful lives. Did you get all that?" questioned Super Snail.


"Not all of it," asked one of the Manatees.


"What part didn't you get," asked Super Snail.


"The part after 'Here's the plan'," the Manatee said puzzled.


Anyway, the Manatees finally swam off to set up for Super Snails' brilliantly derived plan. Super Snail torpedoed out of the water and began to dance around the Boatman, taking his attention off of the boaters as planned.


"What is that pesky little firefly?" said the Boatman as he tried to brush Super Snail away with his hand.


"I'm no firefly Boatman...I'm Super Snail!" Super Snail said proudly.


"Super What!" the Boatman cried out. Enough of this disturbance. But before he could regain his focus, the Manatees all rose to the surface and using their tails, created a powerful wave and whisked the Boatman into the water.


"Yeoweeee!" screamed the Boatman. And just like that the Manatees disappeared under the waters surface. Before the Boatman could recover and swim back to the surface, Super Snail met him eye to eye. "Didn't know fireflies could swim," gurgled the Boatman.


"I'm not a...," Super Snail paused, "Never mind, but I guarantee you won't forget me." Quick as lightning, Super Snail snatched a hunk of seagrass and tied the Boatman to the ocean shallows, just deep enough that his snorkles face edged above the water so he could breath. Super Snail grinned and off he flew. The boatman stuggled to no avail, and there he sat day in and day out watching the Manatees swim around him.


Super Snail joined up with George, who was sitting at a cafe on the dock watching a small television. "Well, the Boatman is taken care of. What's happening with the politicos?" asked Super Snail.


"Take a gander at the ol bood tube as it's currently filled with a bunch of gas filled ol boobs," George rambled. As Super Snail looked at the small tv, he saw some high ranking politicos being scrutinized by the media.


"Now its up to the people. With the proper legislation and obeying the law, the Manatees will live to fool future druken sailors into believing they're mermaids," sighed Super Snail as he changed back into Toby...until the next time Super Snail is called into action.


Super Snail's Next Adventure ~ "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"



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