Randall & RowdyRandall Garrett Herzon has 39 years experience working with wild, exotic and domestic animals. He trains animals for motion pictures and television, is a licensed & certified Registered Veterinary Technician, and is a certified animal behaviorist and nutritional advisor. His field work has included marine mammal, wild animal and domestic animal rescue and rehabilitation.


In 1996, Randall founded Kritter Kountry® ~ Kare for all Kritters®, in Los Angeles County, setting the trend in the pet service care field, providing professional In Home Pet Care Services including Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Animal Training & Behavior Conditioning, and Pet Nursing Care. In 200, he re-located and re-established in Humboldt County.


His background as an animal behaviorist led to him being dubbed the Pet Mentalist and has presented Pet Seminar Series on diet & nutrition, health care and behavior & training throughout California, as well as one on one phone/email consultations nationwide.


In 2005, Randall founded the Whisker Kisses Koalition, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit animal rescue, providing rescue, rehabilitation and safe have to cats, exotic pets and farm animals, with medical, physical or behavioral conditions, which have been abused, abandoned, injured or confiscated, providing a life home.


In 2010, Randall developed his own All NaturalProduct Line, Whisker Kisses, including "Shoo" Pest Repellent, "Nix" Pest Powder, and "Pet Oops" Pet Accident Cleaner & De-Odorizer. All products can be found in various retail stores in Humboldt County and will be expanding to other locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. All proceeds will benefit the Whisker Kisses Koalition. In 2015, Whisker Kisses acquired 10 acres of land in Old Town, Idaho. In 2016, Randall merged Kritter Kountry with Whisker Kisses Koalition to begin developing the Kritter Kountry Refuge. His passion for animals and nature spills over from the field and is represented in his writing, animal/nature photography, and wildlife art. His poetry has won several awards and have been published in poetry anthologies. His photography and artwork have been on display and is available in limited production.


Randall received his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University, an Associate in Science Degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College, and an Associate in Science Degree in Veterinary Technology from Pierce College.