Super SnailGeorge

~ Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf~

(Adventure Four)


It was a cold, cold day in the Alaskan tundra. Temperatures dipping below freezing. The lake which the animals used for water was frozen over. What little vegetation existed, snapped at the slightest breeze. A family pack of Timber Wolves snuggled close together in their den to keep warm. The pack hadn't hunted for days. Food was scarce. The pack leaders new it was time to face the bitter cold as they had to feed their pups. Leaving a few adults behind to care for the young, the rest of the pack plunged into the snow pack in search for the elusive meal. After a few hours of searching, they were only able to find a mouse or two, hardly enough to sustain their pups let alone themselves. But this was only the beginning of their problems...


A strange sound started echoing over the howling wind. The wolves nervoulsy looked up into the sky. Suddenly a helicopter rose, hovering over the tree tops. Staring out the open door, a muscular man with a wind torn face, angerily stared down at the wolf pack below.


"I've got you now," he yelled over the sound of the chopper blades. "This is the last time you dirty theiven varmits are gonna kill the deer God put on this Earth for me to kill. The name's Loque, and you will rue the day you came on to my land."


Just for clarification, his name is pronounced Low-Q, a fitting name, based on the utterly stupid comments that keep coming out of his rather bent and distorted tooth rotting mouth.


The wolves looked at each other, startled, as they had no idea what he was spattering on about. They hadn't seen, let alone killed a deer in months. Suddenly, Loque grabbed his rifle and cocked a load into the chamber. The wolf pack scattered. Separated they ran in all directions, trying to get back to their den safely.


Then a loud bang echoed through the air, followed by what seemed like endless silence. Everything appeared in slow motion with all sounds muted. On the icy ground below, a member of the wolf pack lay still and silent...


Back at home, Toby quickly emerged from his shell. Something was wrong. His super antennae vibrated vigorously as they felt the bad sensation. Toby slithered behind the nearest rock and emerged as Super Snail. Off into the air he flew, quicker than a popped hot air balloon. George, working diligently on his new skateboard enhancement, heard Super Snail coming, but before he could say a word, was whisked into the air, dragging his skateboard behind.

"What's up Super Snail? Where are we going? What's the hurry?, George asked.


"There is something rotten going on. I sense it in my antennae. We're off to Alaska!" Super Snail replied.


"Alaska!" George exclaimed. It's awfully cold there his time of year. Do you think we could go to the Bahamas instead?

Super Snail refrained from answering, instead asking himself why it had to be this boy that discovered him. As they flew over the ice capped waters and over the tallest icebergs, Super Snail's remarkable antennae led them right to the battle scene.


Loque's chopper zigged and zagged between the trees, with flashes of repeating light shooting out of the chopper with each rifle blast. Super Snail was devasted by what he saw. 5 members of the wolf pack lay still in the red spattered snow. Super Snail dropped George hoping there was something he could do. George with tears in his eyes, using the wind currents, glided down on his Skateboard, to the tragedy below.


Super Snail with lightening quick speed, flew into the line of fire. The next blast richocheted off Super Snail's chest and bounced off Loque's helicopter.


"What the bloomin heck is goin on here?" Loque sputtered.


"Stop!! bellowed Super Snail. You must stop hurting these innocent creatures, or I will have stop you myself."


"What in tarnation are you?" questioned Loque. "I'm just gonna blow you out of the sky."


"I am Super Snail and you just try," Super Snail said angerily, trying to keep his cool.


Loque slipped another shell into his rifle, and with an eerie kackle, fired at dead blank range at Super Snail. When the smoked cleared, Super Snail remained untouched, the bullet embedded in a nearby tree. Stunned, Loque reloaded and fired. Again and again and again. He couldn't believe his eyes. He sat there, mouth hung open with drool dripping from his tongue. Then before he could swallow, Super Snail swept in and with the blink of an eye, took Loque's rifle and tied it one big knot. Loque swung at Super Snail, trying to knock him away, but Super Snail easily ducked each punch. Out of breath, Loque sat on his knees, panting heavily. Super Snail flew up to the helicopters blades, and grabbed them, stopping them from spinning. Loque acted like a scared child. Tears poured down his face. Super Snail then started to swing the chopper by the blades in circles, faster and faster and faster. As Super Snail let go, the helicopter with Loque clinging to a seat went spinning far out of site, never to be seen again.


Super Snail slowly drifted to the ground below, knowing his super powers could do nothing to save the fatally wounded wolves. The rest of the wolf pack were gathered in a circle around thier downed comrades. Super Snail approached and as he pushed through the remaining wolf pack members, a shocked but happy smile appeared upon his face.


"There you go boy," George uttered. Just another stich here and another stitch there. Spouting medical instructions to George was George's skateboard. You see George had been working on a new computer chip that he implanted into the memory board of his super charged super skateboard computer.


The entire wolf pack graciously thanked both Super Snail and George for their help in the only way wolves could, with slobbery licks.


"Well guess I don't need to take a bath today," George uttered.


"Glad my cape is wash and wear," Super Snail replied.


As the wolf pack disappeared off in the distance to return to their den and pups, Super Snail and George headed home.

"Just a few minor updates to the chip and all will be fine," George commented.


"Why? It guided you through quite well, didn't it?" asked Super Snail.


"Almost. When I first asked for the proper stitch, it told me how to crochet a blanket," George gigled.


And with a shake of the head, Super Snail realized all was back to normal. At least for now.


Stay Tuned for the next adventure of Super Snail



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