"Mentalism" is a an art form in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed intuitive abilities. In truth, mentalists display a vast knowledge in one or more areas of study or in the study of observation creating the illusion of an enhanced ability.


Ever Wonder...


Why your pet does what it does?

Why he developed that bad habit or behavior and how to correct it?
Need to understand more about your pet's illness?

Wonder what the heck your veterinarian is talking about?

Wondering how to train that certain trick?

What is the difference between pet diets and does it really make a difference?

What is your pet thinking?


The Pet Mentalist is here to help you understand your pet!



Behavioral Modification & Problem Solving


Dogs & Cats


Aggression, Barking, Bolting, Chewing, Digging, House Breaking, Jumping,

Litter Box, Marking, Nipping, Scratching, Separation Anxiety, Spraying & More


•Learn How To Correct & Prevent Unwanted Behaviors

•Diet & Nutrition Evaluation

•Health Care Concerns

•Training Assessment

•Gentle Methods

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Couldn't understand why my precious kitty was not using the litterbox. I was just about at my wits end when Randall helped me understand my cat's psyche. After making the changes Randall suggested, all's well in kitty box land. Victoria S. ~ Ames, IA My dog was very ill. After visiting my veterinarian, I left feeling lost and completely confused. Randall helped me understand what was going on and what to expect. Much thanks Bill M. ~ Reno, NV


Buddy was digging under and jumping over our fence all the time. Tried everything. After speaking with Randall, we understood what was upsetting Buddy. Wow! It was like Randall got into my dog's head.
Very Grateful. Susan C. ~ Escondido, CA
My little Chihuahua/Papillion mix was showing aggression to all the men in my family as well as to strangers. Randall came to our home and helped us understand what was going on and what we could so to help alleviate the issues. So nice to have the Pet Mentalist nearby. Angela H. ~ McKinelyville, CA I have several indoor cats and really wondered about the vaccinations and if they really needed all of them. Randall clearly explained the different diseases affecting cats, what the different vaccines included, and the pros and cons regarding the vaccines. After blindly going into my vets getting my pets their shots, I now understand what they're all about so I can make an informed decision. Thanks so much. Mark R. ~ Tempe, AZ My Heeler mix continually jumped our fence and roamed for hours before returning home. He also showed aggression to anyone who walked by. Nothing we did could stop him. Randall, the Pet Mentalist, came to our home and helped us understand and resolve our problem. He was very insightful and helpful. So much stress now alleiviated. Jeff O. ~ Eureka, CA